Jewish Dems Appalled by Trump Jr.’s ‘Gas Chamber’ Remarks

September 15, 2016

Washington D.C.—Donald Trump Jr., during an appearance on a Philadelphia talk radio station, commented that, if the GOP acted like Hillary Clinton, the media would be “warming up the gas chamber.” The National Jewish Democratic Council has issued a statement condemning this Holocaust reference, made in Trump Jr.’s criticism of the media:

“Donald Trump Jr.’s reference to gas chambers is outrageous. With its allusions to the Holocaust, remarks such as these have no place in a presidential campaign. Yet, it is not surprising that the Republican nominee’s son would use such language, given the pattern of frequent dog-whistling to anti-Semites and that both Trump the elder and Trump the younger previously have retweeted postings from known anti-Semites. Both father and son should apologize immediately for this completely inappropriate and offensive reference.”