May 16, 2017

Trump, is the Western Wall ‘Part of the West Bank’?

Increasing Daylight Between the U.S and Israel under Trump

In Tuesday’s White House briefing National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster doubled down on the Trump administration’s refusal to clarify its policy on the Western Wall after claiming that the Western Wall was “part of the West Bank.” In response, the National Jewish Democratic Council released the following statement:

“First, a senior member of President Donald Trump’s delegation to Israel told Israeli officials that the Western Wall ‘is not your territory, it’s part of the West Bank,’ and Tuesday the Trump administration doubled down on its refusal to clarify its policy on the Western Wall. As the Trump administration has chosen to pursue a policy of increasing daylight with our closest ally in the Middle East, President Trump must clarify his Middle East policy. President Trump’s hypocrisy on Israel is astounding, but, more important, while he continues to alienate our nations closest allies, Israel included, it becomes clearer and clearer not only how unfit and erratic Trump is, but also that his leadership has made the world fundamentally more dangerous for us all.”