Jewish Dems Commend Bernie Sanders’ Public Service

July 12, 2016

Washington D.C. - In response to Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president, the National Jewish Democratic Council released the following statement:

“Since the start of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign, he has been a voice for the causes that matter to Jewish Americans. From raising the minimum wage to widening access to education, Sen. Sanders has energized progressive voters throughout this country. His groundbreaking campaign brought issues of economic and social justice to the forefront of our national political consciousness. We are grateful for his contributions to our democracy.

The first Jewish American to ever win a presidential primary, Sen. Sanders forged a historic campaign, going further in his quest for the White House than any other Jew in this nation’s history.

Although he has conceded the nomination and now puts his support behind Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party emerges stronger for the passion and values he championed this election cycle. Through his visionary message and grassroots campaign infrastructure, he mobilized a younger generation of voters to claim their stake in this country’s future. For that, our party and country are better.

We wish Bernie Sanders the best going forward and are excited to work with him toward creating a better tomorrow."