Former President Bush Comments at RJC Were the Height of Hypocrisy

Las Vegas Confab Brought Good Entertainment

April 27, 2015

This past weekend, Republicans past and present joined together in Las Vegas, endorsing their past failed policies while attacking President Obama’s policies that have led the country back from the brink of economic disaster to economic growth, lower unemployment and stronger standing and increased influence abroad. The National Jewish Democratic Council criticized attendees at the Republican Jewish Coalition (“RJC”) conference, especially former President George W. Bush and current presidential aspirants Senator Ted Cruz and former Texas Governor Rick Perry, for their damaging rhetoric.

“The remarks by Former President Bush and others this weekend in Las Vegas are simply the height of hypocrisy. President Bush has a lasting legacy of failed foreign policy -- from his disastrous campaign in Iraq to allowing Hamas to gain power in Gaza over Israel’s objections and refusing to take strong action against Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons early on -- and his instincts have ultimately proven to be far out of touch with the American people.

"Given Former President Bush’s record, any criticism by him should be seen by the American people as a reaffirmation of the correctness of President Obama's policies. In that sense, we almost hope Former President Bush will speak up more in the future and that the RJC and its benefactor, Sheldon Adelson, will continue to give him a microphone. Las Vegas never disappoints in bringing good entertainment to life.

“The comments made by Former President Bush this weekend were particularly hypocritical. The individual responsible for leading our country into Iraq on false premises is now criticizing his successor’s efforts to protect our armed forces in the region. The individual who allowed Iran to build thousands of centrifuges is now blaming his successor for what is, in fact, Former President Bush’s failure to take real measures to limit Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons when that pursuit might have been stopped cold. The individual who claimed he looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and saw his soul is now criticizing his successor, who successfully called Putin’s bluff in Ukraine. Former President Bush has shown himself to be a true hypocrite and has taken little to no responsibility for his failed policies -- whether at home or abroad.

"As Josh Rogin of Bloomberg wrote, ‘For George W. Bush, the remarks in Vegas showed he has little respect for how the current president is running the world. He also revealed that he takes little responsibility for the policies that he put in place that contributed to the current state of affairs.’

"Support for Israel is and must remain a bipartisan issue, and it is shameful that Former President George W. Bush, Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Rick Perry, Governor Mike Pence, the RJC and others continue to try to use Israel as a partisan wedge issue.  If they succeed, it can only be bad for Israel, bad for the U.S.-Israel relationship and ultimately bad for the U.S. and its national security."