February 26, 2017

Congratulations to Chairman Tom Perez

Washington, D.C. – Today, Tom Perez, in a hard fought battle, won the election for Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Jews for Progress Chairman, former Congressman Ron Klein, released the following statement, congratulating Perez:

“Congratulations to Tom Perez on winning a hard fought battle for the Democratic National Committee’s chairmanship. It is now time to start restoring the Democratic Party at the local, state, and federal levels. The DNC needs to lead all factions of our party and fight for the roots of what we stand for as progressives including economic justice, civil rights, quality and affordable healthcare, comprehensive immigration reform, gun violence prevention, environmental protection, women’s rights, the separation of religion and states and, of course, perhaps most of all, strong support for Israel. 

“We welcome Chairman Perez, and it is our hope that he joins us in leading our party in challenging President Trump. The administration’s continual deference to the alt-right’s interests threatens our Jewish community and its values. It is now clear to us that Trump and his team only respond when under duress, and we are confident that with Chairman Perez as the leader of our party, we will be able to work with the DNC to sufficiently fight against the White House’s most oppressive actions. Their double-talk on Israel, their tone deafness on anti-Semitism and the president’s complete unwillingness to utter the word ‘Jew’ has left us speechless.

“With this election past us, it’s now time to get to work.”

Former Congressman Ron Klein is a NJDC board member.