Jewish Democrats Concerned with Trump VP Pick Gov. Pence

July 15, 2016

Washington D.C. - This morning, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump made official his pick for a running mate, Indiana governor Mike Pence. In response, the National Jewish Democratic Council released the following statement:

“In his latest effort to alienate Jewish voters even further, Donald Trump decided to double-down on his treifness in the Jewish community. Like the top of the Republican ticket, Gov. Mike Pence’s record is clearly out of step with Jewish Americans.

“In addition to his right-wing politics and policies, Gov. Pence was so alien to Jewish Hoosiers that he did not even know that a synagogue existed in his district when he served in Congress. In 2009 he actually said ‘I know of no synagogues in my district.’

“However, more offensive than ignoring a local historic synagogue is his extreme record. Pence has helped lead the GOP war on Planned Parenthood, has barred Syrian refugees seeking safety in Indiana, and has institutionalized open discrimination in Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. As governor he did not stand with women, minority communities, or the LGBTQ community in Indiana.

Indiana will soon have the opportunity to elect a better governor, but that good news does little to balance out our concerns for our country. When it comes to Jewish voters throughout America, Trump and Pence are simply treif.”