Jewish Dems: Rand Paul Flip-Flops on Foreign Aid to Israel, Again

April 8, 2015

Just one day after officially launching his presidential campaign, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has already reverted to his long-standing position that the United States should cease providing foreign aid to our strongest allies, including Israel. The National Jewish Democratic Council slammed the senator for his comments to Fox News's Sean Hannity and to NBC's Savannah Guthrie, stating that his positions would greatly endanger the safety and security of the Jewish state.

"For years, Senator Paul has made clear that he wants to see the United States abandon its responsibilities on the world stage, responsibilities that he has openly referred to as 'welfare.' Now, after attempting to walk back those statements in recent months, he has already told Sean Hannity and Savannah Guthrie, in the past day alone, that he stands by his original position of ending all foreign aid. In the latter case, Paul repeatedly interrupted and berated Guthrie for simply asking him to clarify his position. If the senator has truly chosen his position once and for all, at least he is finally being open and honest about his beliefs that the U.S. should no longer provide support for Israel's safety and security. Once again, Rand Paul is proving that he is a dangerous choice for American-Jewish voters."

In a separate release, Democratic National Committee spokesperson Holly Shulman stated,

"With Rand Paul's rocky presidential campaign rollout, he has made one thing clear: No matter how he says it, Paul still wants to cut all U.S. foreign aid to Israel, and he's reminded us of that multiple times in the past 12 hours. In an attempt to 'expand his map,' he continues to change his story depending on who he is talking to, but we know what his position is on this issue - and it's dangerous for Israel and for the United States."