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May 22, 2011

NJDC Applauds President Obama’s Restatement of Unwavering Support for Israel at AIPAC

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NJDC applauds President Obama’s Restatement of Unwavering Support for Israel at AIPAC

Washington, DC - President Barack Obama took the opportunity once again to silence critics of his policy towards Middle East peace today while addressing the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference today. During the speech, he reiterated his unwavering support for a secure, vibrant Jewish state in Israel. Obama once again showed himself to be a strong critic of Hamas and the President once again denounced Palestinian efforts to unilaterally seek recognition of a state later this year at the United Nations. This prompted National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) President and CEO David A. Harris to issue the following statement.

“Today the President reiterated his unwavering support for Israel and took a decidedly tough position on what the Palestinians need to do before any negotiations on a lasting peace can begin. He once again firmly denounced Palestinian efforts to unilaterally achieve recognition for a Palestinian state. He once again shed light on the deep, unprecedented level of cooperation between the United States and Israel on security issues. He once again touted his efforts to secure Israel against rocket attacks by providing them a cutting edge missile shield. He once again reiterated the rock solid state of America’s friendship with Israel. He once again took a strong stance against Iran and our commitment to keeping the nation from obtaining nuclear weapons.”

“Yet with all that this President has done to aid Israel and live up to the generation’s old commitment our country has to the Jewish state, the President’s political enemies do a disservice to our relationship with Israel by fear mongering, spreading half-truths and allowing false statements to go uncorrected. They foment fear and conspiratorial thoughts within our community and drive media reports around the world which cast a doubt on the most significant and important truth about America’s relationship with Israel: This President and the United States stands decidedly with Israel. This is the plain truth, and the President gave voice to it again today. It is time for our community to strive to correct the record, and stand up to those who are trying to manipulate the facts.”