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September 8, 2009

NJDC: Carter Does Not Represent Dems on Israel

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Forman: Carter continues “his history of peddling a one-sided narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

WASHINGTON, DC – Ira N. Forman, CEO of the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC), released the following statement:

President Jimmy Carter has a history of peddling a one-sided narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Regretfully he is at it again with his September 6 op-ed in The Washington Post, “The Elders’ View Of the Middle East.”

Carter has a commendable record of post-presidential public service in developing such groups as Habitat for Humanity. Moreover, we agree with some of Carter’s foreign policy positions – such as the advisability of working toward a two state solution.

However, every administration – Democratic or Republican – since 1981 has been irked by this former president’s foreign policy freelancing.

Carter’s simplistic views of the conflict are dramatically different than the current administration’s. In Sunday’s analysis, the former president claims that the solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict lies totally with Israeli actions. He makes no mention of Hamas, terrorism, or incitement to violence.

With age normally comes wisdom and an understanding that rarely does truth lie on one side only. This concept seems lost on the “Elder” Carter.