Celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month, Regardless of Political Preferences

May 2, 2016

Washington D.C. - May 1st marks the start of Jewish American Heritage Month, a time to reflect on the collective history of the Jewish people and to celebrate the common values that have brought us this far. It is a time to note the contributions of Jewish Americans to our nation’s history and culture.

Greg Rosenbaum, Chair of the National Jewish Democratic Council released the following statement about the significance this month brings:

“As Jewish Americans, our common heritage, regardless of our partisan leanings, ties us together. This May, Jewish American Heritage Month emphasizes the history and the values of our people that have helped shape this great nation, both as Democrats and Republicans. Regardless of political preference, we are Jews with a shared history and story that that speaks to the universal human experience, from suffering to salvation.

At NJDC, we strive to keep the principles and values that have shaped both the Jewish American experience and the country at the forefront of our actions. It is through these actions that contributions of the Jewish people have permeated every aspect of society, strengthening the bond between the two.  In a year when we celebrate the role of Jews in American education, it is especially important to note that a key Jewish value of all time, educating the next generation, has become a key American value as well.

But in a time where anti-Semitism still rings in the ears of our people, both at home and across the globe, we must come together to reject such intolerance, and expel the hatred that propels it. We must put aside political differences to carry forward a mutual legacy of strength and perseverance.

It is only together that we can build a future as rich as the accomplishments of our past. Let us work together to maintain and strengthen this bond, and remember all that has brought us this far.”