Jewish Dems Thank Members of Congress for Support of Iran Deal

September 2, 2015

Today, Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) announced her support of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, becoming the 34th U.S. Senator to do so and essentially guaranteeing that the nuclear agreement will go into effect. The National Jewish Democratic Council thanked the 34 Senators and 90 Representatives who have already announced their support for the diplomatic agreement while urging the remaining undecided Democrats to similarly support the deal.

“The nuclear agreement negotiated by the P5+1 nations is the absolute best available option to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. We are proud to support this deal, and we are thankful for all those in the House and Senate who have pledged to stand by this agreement. Despite the unprecedented efforts of a vocal minority in our community to kill this international agreement, we strongly applaud today’s step toward implementing these nuclear proliferation efforts. Over the past few weeks, we have observed a disturbing rise in hateful rhetoric that goes far beyond what is normally seen in political debate, much of which has been directed towards this organization. However, we will not allow such attacks to deter us from doing what is right, and we are grateful that our elected officials will do the same.

“While today’s announcement by Sen. Mikulski ensures that opponents of the agreement will not be able to block the deal through a Congressional resolution of disapproval, we urge those who have not yet decided how they will vote to similarly support the agreement. This deal has seen broad support from the American Jewish community, and it is in the best interests of both the United States and Israel that it be approved. We look forward to working with the administration in the days, weeks and months ahead to ensure that this deal is implemented in the strongest fashion possible.”

The National Jewish Democratic Council was one of the first American Jewish organizations to support the agreement. In addition to ongoing engagement with members of Congress and the White House on the issue since talks began, the three most recent chairs of the organization joined with other prominent Jewish leaders in calling for Congress to approve the deal.