New Poll: American Jews Support Iran Deal

 June 10, 2015

An overwhelming majority of the American Jewish population supports President Barack Obama’s efforts to reach a diplomatic solution to halt Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, according to a new poll released today by J Street. The poll, which was conducted by Gerstein Bocian Agne Strategies, found that 59 percent of American Jews support an agreement that would increase inspections in exchange for economic sanctions relief, and 78 percent back the agreement when additional details are provided about the deal. The National Jewish Democratic Council enthusiastically welcomed the results, stating that the poll demonstrates the widespread support that President Obama has from the Jewish community.

Greg Rosenbaum, chair of the NJDC Board of Directors, stated,

“As our diplomatic team has worked tirelessly to craft a deal that will stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and keep Israel and the region safe, the American Jewish community has stood by efforts to ensure a peaceful and lasting solution. This new poll reaffirms those efforts. Jewish Americans continues to be some of the most steadfast supporters of President Obama, not to mention the Democratic Party as a whole. As we move closer to a final diplomatic agreement between the P5+1 nations and Iran, the American Jewish community knows that they can trust President Obama to protect the safety and security of the United States and Israel.”