Jewish Dems Slam Hikind for Crossing Line with Recent Attacks

August 27, 2015

As New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind has heightened his personal attacks on Rep. Jerry Nadler for his support for the Iran nuclear agreement, Democrats and members of the Jewish community have continued to be alarmed by his rhetoric. The National Jewish Democratic Council harshly criticized Hikind for crossing the line with his vicious assaults against Nadler and other pro-deal Democrats, including over-the-top insults against President Obama, anti-Semitic comments and inappropriate Holocaust comparisons.

“It is truly sad to see a longtime Democrat stoop to such filth in his rhetoric towards a fellow Jewish elected official. We would expect better from Assemblyman Hikind, rather than outrageous personal attacks against President Obama and Rep. Nadler. To imply that Rep. Nadler is only voting for the nuclear agreement because he ‘wants to get invited [to the White House] for Chanukah,’ or that President Obama would refer to anyone as a ‘stupid Jew’ is utterly beyond the pale. As we said in our letter to Rep. Nadler, and as numerous members of Congress and the Anti-Defamation League affirmed, no elected official should be subjugated to such horrendous, hateful attacks simply for voting their conscience. Assemblyman Hikind should be ashamed of himself, and he owes President Obama, Rep. Nadler and the Jewish community an apology at once.”