Cruz’s Response to NJDC, ADL Falls Short on Offensive Pastor

Featured Cruz endorser believes that G-d sent Hitler to hunt Jews for not accepting Jesus as the messiah

February 11, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC -- Following the responses by the Sen. Ted Cruz for President campaign and Pastor Mike Bickle to criticism from the Jewish community of the pastor’s offensive statements regarding the Jewish people and Adolf Hitler, the National Jewish Democratic Council released the following statement:

“Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz must clarify if he stands with Pastor Mike Bickle and his belief that G-d sent Hitler to hunt Jews for not accepting Jesus as the messiah. The Cruz campaign’s response from criticism from NJDC and the ADL of one of its featured endorsers falls woefully short. We remain troubled that rather than distance himself and refute Bickle’s offensive rhetoric, the Cruz campaign has doubled down, merely restating the senator's position on Israel and attempting to minimize Pastor Bickle's role as an endorser. We call on Sen. Cruz’s campaign to speak clearly when it comes to such an offensive statement. As the ADL said, ‘We hope that when these comments are called to the Senator’s attention, he will clearly and forcefully reject Bickle’s hateful ideas.’ Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for Sen. Cruz to do so.”