Jewish Dems Seek to Answer Coulter’s Query

September 17, 2015

Last night during the Republican presidential debate, conservative pundit Ann Coulter posed a question to her over 600,000 Twitter followers, asking “How many f---ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” In response, the National Jewish Democratic Council issued the following statement, seeking to answer Coulter’s query.

NJDC chair Greg Rosenbaum stated:

“Ms. Coulter, since you asked so nicely, there are approximately 6.5 million Jews living in the United States. Furthermore, the vast majority of that population voted for President Obama in 2012, and we will continue to vote for Democratic candidates in 2016 and beyond. After hearing 15 conservative Republican candidates praise failed foreign policies that, among other horrendous consequences, damaged Israel and the vital alliance between the US and Israel; attack those seeking to marry the people they love while defending the right to discriminate against them; demonize an organization that provides crucial health care to women in need; deny the existence of climate change exactly when scientists found 2015 to be the warmest year in our planet’s recorded history; and dangerously spread the lie that vaccinations are tied to autism, we have no doubt that the American Jewish community will remain overwhelmingly with the Democratic party.

“Perhaps, Ann, you did not get the memo from GOP headquarters that Israel is supposed to be a partisan wedge issue, designed to peel off Jewish voters from the Democratic Party.  After all, putting partisan politics over good policy, your party’s legislators unanimously opposed the world’s agreement with Iran to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

“But don’t worry, Ann. Disgusting anti-Semitic comments like yours will help maintain the traditional bonds between American Jewish voters and their home in the Democratic Party, where they are actually welcome.”