Jewish Dems: Scott Walker Unfit for Nation’s Presidency

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the presidency today, bringing the number of announced candidates up to 15. The National Jewish Democratic Council slammed Gov. Walker’s candidacy, noting his extreme record of divisiveness and blatant disregard for everyday American workers and, indeed, any group that does not find itself in the governor’s immediate circle of supporters.

“Over his time in office, Scott Walker has proven himself to be one of the most divisive and dangerous politicians in the United States. He has systematically targeted hardworking members of his state, stripping away rights that workers in this country have enjoyed for decades in an attempt to return businesses to the pre-1900s. He has endorsed gross invasions of women’s privacy, stating that mandatory ultrasounds for women seeking abortions are ‘just a cool thing.’ When the majority of Americans – including 83% of American Jews and Gov. Walker’s own children – were celebrating the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing marriage equality, the governor endorsed a constitutional amendment stripping the right to marry away from millions of citizens. While leaders from both sides of the political aisle are pushing to reform our prison system, Gov. Walker has continued to flood Wisconsin’s jails with nonviolent offenders. Gov. Walker’s policies weren’t right for Wisconsin, they aren’t right for the American Jewish community and they aren’t right for the United States.”

In addition to Bush, the NJDC has spoken out against other Republican presidential candidates, including Gov. Jeb BushSen. Ted CruzSen. Rand PaulSen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Chris ChristieGov. Mike HuckabeeGov. Rick PerrySen. Lindsey GrahamSen. Rick Santorum, Gov. Bobby JindalGov. George Pataki, Donald TrumpCarly Fiorina and Ben Carson.