Study Shows Jewish Vote Could Swing Election

The polls show Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are neck-and-neck in the hotly contested swing states. Every vote will count in determining whether states go red or blue, and the Jewish vote could be the critical tipping point in many of these states, especially Florida and Pennsylvania. A recent study reveals how influential the Jewish vote will be. JTA reports:

Jewish voters have a record of higher-than-average turnout.

“If it’s a tight race,” Parmer said, “Jewish voters could swing the election” in that county.

The study also shows how the Jewish vote could have significant impact in Florida’s Palm Beach area, where the 209,400 Jews there make up nearly 15 percent of the adult population,  according to the study.

That number is significant in a state where President Barack Obama won by less than 1 percent in 2012, or 74,309 votes.  

The study also looked at American Jews’ party identification, finding that 54percent of American Jews identify as Democrats, while 14 percent identify as Republicans.

But only 43 percent of American Jews call themselves liberal, a lower percentage than those who say they are Democrats.

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Photo courtesy of: JTA/American Jewish Population Project

Photo courtesy of: JTA/American Jewish Population Project