Trump's Campaign Website: Still 'Neutral' on Israel

Donald Trump made waves in March when he claimed that, if elected president, he would be "neutral" on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Criticism since then has led Trump to walk back his remarks in favor of more explicitly pro-Israel rhetoric; as reported by the Jerusalem Post, however, a video on his website stands by his original noncommittal position. Michael Wilner writes:

Trump, the Republican nominee for president, uttered the word "neutral" in reference to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ever since drawing ire from Democrats and Republicans alike for his use of the term.

And yet if undecided, unknowing voters were to explore the GOP candidate's positions by visiting his website for the first time today– six months later– they would find a video that states he still very much intends to remain a noncommittal arbiter of the decades-old conflict.

"It’s probably the hardest negotiation there is– great negotiators have tried and they failed," Trump states in a video posted under the "issues" section of his official campaign website. "It’s just so deep-seeded– the hatred, the level of distrust– but I’m going to give it an awfully good shot."

"I want to remain as neutral as possible because, if you’re not somewhat neutral, the other side is never going to do it," he continues. "But just remember, Israel, I love you. We’re going to see if we can get something done. It has to be done for both sides. It cannot continue to be the way it is."

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Photo courtesy of Saul Loeb / AFP

Photo courtesy of Saul Loeb / AFP