GOP Looks Splintered as Trump Rises in Polls

With the rise of Donald Trump in the Republican polls, things are not looking so good for the Republican Party as a whole. Politico's Alex Isenstadt explains the disunity in the Republican Party, and raises the question: Will the Republican Jewish Coalition support Trump if he is the GOP nominee?

On Thursday cracks were appearing up and down the party’s embattled superstructure. Next month, the Republican Jewish Coalition, a group of powerful GOP donors, will gather at the Venetian Hotel and Resort, which is owned by Republican benefactor and RJC board member Sheldon Adelson, for their annual spring meeting. Attendees are likely to vent their disgust with Trump, who has been slow to disavow support by white supremacist groups. And at the meeting, according to two sources familiar with its planning, the RJC is expected to take up a pressing question: whether to even support Trump if he’s the GOP nominee.

Other strategists tasked with running congressional and gubernatorial races are deep into discussion about what impact a Trump nomination would have on contests up and down the ballot. Some outside groups have already begun polling the question.