Republican Jews Failed to Stop the Rise of Donald Trump

As Jewish Democrats, we know how bad of a candidate Donald Trump is. Noam Neusner from the Forward explains why Donald Trump is a bad candidate for those on the other side of the aisle, Republican Jews, and just how Trump was able to take lead of the Republican Party:

There is no sugarcoating it — these are the darkest days for Republican Jews like myself. Donald Trump, the most likely Republican candidate for president, has built within our party the nearest thing America has ever seen to a European nativist working class political movement. Such movements, to put it mildly, have never been good for the Jews or allies of free thought and the free market.

Let’s assess the opportunity that was lost. At the outset of the campaign there were three or four trusted candidates who enjoyed meaningful Republican Jewish support because of what they were likely to do to repudiate and reverse Barack Obama’s policy gains: Jeb Bush (for whom I worked as a speechwriter), Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and, to a lesser extent, Scott Walker. Today, Republican Jews have coalesced around the last of these men who still stand for office: Rubio and Cruz.

Unless either of these men emerges with a come-from-behind victory, the opportunity to undo the Obama agenda is lost. Fix the U.S.-Israel relationship? Trump wants to stay neutral. Focus on the economy? Trump offers no credible specifics. Pull back the regulatory state? Trump has a business history replete with special deals, use of the bankruptcy courts and eminent domain to suit his own development projects. Politically, he has saved his most vicious attacks for other Republicans, rather than for Clinton or Obama.

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