Donald Trump’s Empty Plans to Invest in Israel

Republican presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump claims that his organization is currently negotiating more than 100 deals of which 85 percent are outside the U.S. Despite his anti-foreigner and anti-Muslim rhetoric throughout his campaign, Trump has invested large amounts globally, including in the Arab world. But not once has he completed a deal with Israel.  Although Trump entered in talks to build a tower on the border of Tel Aviv, a Trump hotel in Netanya and the Trump Golf Course in Ashkelon, not a single effort has been executed. Haaretz reports:

Come mid-2013, the Donald, who doesn't talk about things by halves, announced plans to build a "world class" golf course in Ashkelon, next door to the Nitzanim nature reserve, complete with resort village, convention hall, country club, and shops. Trump himself wrote to the mayor of Ashkelon, "I have great affection for Israel and its people, and I believe that Israel is a worthy place to be included in the list of communities which host Trump golf centers."

Maybe so, but a golf course has not arisen. At least not in Ashkelon. Trump is in the process of building two in Dubai, for instance.

But even the regions bold enough to do business with Trump, his pointed and bigoted remarks have caused issues.

"Such statements bear no value and are products of a mind that does not understand Islam, a peace religion, at all,” Bülent Kural, the manager of Trump shopping mall in Istanbul, told the Guardian in December.

Whatever Trump's problems in the Arab world, he never did get into trouble in Israel - he never, ultimately, did any business here. But it isn't for lack of trying, at least a little bit.