Still Waiting on Trump's Stand Against Anti-Semitism

Donald Trump still has not fulfilled his obligation to stand up to his followers’ anti-Semitism, according to a recent column in the Forward. Threats to the Jewish reporters and opposition have become a disturbing reality among supporters of the presumptive Republican presidential candidate on Twitter and social media. Trump’s refusal thus far to directly address the bigotry only serves to embolden those spewing the hatred, a troubling trend that must stop. Bethany Mandel writes:

After Donald Trump spewed racism about Mexicans and Muslims, and Trump supporters increasingly spewed online anti-Semitism at Jewish journalists like me, my editor here at the Forward, Jane Eisner, responded to this hatred by imposing a one-day moratorium on covering the Republican front-runner. The so-called “Trumpatorium” wasn’t received kindly by the Trump campaign. Sad!

Trump’s lawyer and Israel adviser Jason Greenblatt wrote in these pages last week, pushing back against Eisner’s assertion that his boss has turned a blind eye to the anti-Semitism in his camp. Greenblatt said (emphasis mine), “The facts are worth repeating since you will not find them in the Forward: on May 5, 2016, in The New York Times, Mr. Trump emphatically denounced anti-Semitism stating, ‘Anti-Semitism has no place in our society, which needs to be united, not divided.’ Despite Mr. Trump’s explicit disavowal of hate groups, his political opponents and their media acolytes continue to push the myth.”

You are, actually, reading Greenblatt’s “facts” in the Forward, because Eisner has chosen to print them. Say what you will about the liberal bent at the Forward (as one of its relatively few conservative columnists, I’m familiar with it), but Eisner has printed Greenblatt’s own critique of the paper.

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