Trump’s Latest Supporter: A Holocaust Denier Kicked Off Illinois' GOP Primary Ballot

On January 20, GOP Candidate for Illinois’ Third Congressional District and vocal Holocaust denier, Arthur Jones, was kicked off of Illinois’ Republican primary ballot. The Illinois State Board of Elections removed Jones with claims he had no valid signatures on his nominating petitions. Lorraine Swanson of the Patch reports (h/t Jacob Kornbluh):

Chicago election attorney John Fogarty Jr., general counsel for the Illinois Republican Party, acknowledged being hired to help the objectors put together their legal challenge.

“They wanted to repudiate Mr. Jones’ views,” Fogarty said. “Those views don’t belong in the [Republican] party.”

After considerable back and forth with the Illinois State Elections Board, Jones was kicked off the ballot for “flagrant disregard of the election code.”

“He turned in photocopied signatures,” Fogarty said. “His story came out in the hearing that he was running for the U.S. Senate and ended up altering his petitions for the Illinois Congressional seat. It was more gross negligence than anything else and beyond what a reasonable person would do.”

Naturally, Jones has decided that Donald Trump is the candidate he agrees most with, and as quoted below, likes “the fact that he doesn’t have to go hat in hand to Jewish billionaires to get money:”

On his website, Art Jones for Congressman, Jones says he is not a follower of any political party but is a registered Republican. Although no longer affiliated, Jones says he agrees philosophically with the National Socialist Party.

In a 2012 interview with Patch, Jones called the Holocaust an international extortion racket by the Jews and the blackest lie in history.

“I got the queers, Jews and the Republican National Committee on me,” Jones said. “They gave a free ride to Lipinski. That’s the sham of this two-party system.”

Jones said he would more than likely vote for Donald Trump if he wins the Republican presidential nomination. He admits to being concerned, however, about Trump’s daughter’s conversion to Judaism after marrying a man of the Jewish faith, as well as Trump’s business affiliations with Jews.

“I agree with a lot of what Mr. Trump has to say,” Jones said. “He’s his own man. I like the fact that doesn’t have to go hat in hand to Jewish billionaires to get money.”