RJC Still Silent on Trump’s Bigotry Toward Muslims

Donald Trump’s call last week to bar all Muslims from entering the United States “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on” has set off a flood of disapproval in America and around the world. Trump’s offensive remarks have drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans alike, and the White House stated that his comments on Muslims being banned from entering the United States "disqualifies" him from being president.

Today, JTA discussed the number of Jewish organizations that have made public their disapproval of Trump’s latest remarks. Following that round-up, JTA discussed the Jewish organizations who have remained silent on the issue, and stated the following:

Republican Jewish Coalition: The nation’s premier Republican Jewish group has opted to stay silent on the remarks by Trump, who has led the Republican presidential field in national polls for most of the past few months. RJC officials did not respond to a JTA request for comment.

Over a week after Trump’s inflammatory remarks, it is remarkably disappointing that the Republican Jewish Coalition has remained silent on such troubling statements.