Donald Trump Meets with Christian Leaders, and a Jew for Jesus

Last week, CNN  reported that Donald Trump met with “Christian, Jewish leaders.” JTA's Ron Kampeas was "puzzled" by this claim, since the meeting was on the first day of Sukkot. He writes:

I tried to but could not track down which “Jewish leaders” were in the group. What also puzzled me was that it was the first day of Sukkot: That didn’t rule out the presence of a “Jewish leader,” but it made it less likely.

The leader, it turns out, was not of any group that would conventionally be understood as Jewish.

On Sept. 30, Jewish Insider noted the Sept. 28 CNN story, and paired it with another report from the following day by the Christian Broadcasting Network, which identified one of the participants as Messianic Jewish Rabbi Kirt Schneider.

You can read the full piece at JTA here.