No, Israel Will Not Be Destroyed if Trump Loses

Wednesday, Donald Trump went off the rails again. He said that “unless [he] is elected” Israel will be destroyed by Iran.  The United States had Israel’s back under Democratic and Republican Presidents and will continue to help Israel defend itself against its enemies. There is no question that Iran does pose a threat to Israel.  But Trump has no clear plan as it relates to Iran. As vice presidential candidate, Senator Tim Kaine accurately put it, “We have no idea how Donald Trump would handle Iran – and frankly, neither does he.”

Secretary Hillary Clinton made clear that her policy toward Iran will be “distrust and verify.” She put together the toughest sanctions coalition in order to bring Iran to the table. Whatever skepticism voters have on the implementation of the JCPOA, Clinton will enforce it. She has a track record on toughness with Iran: she advocated implementing sanctions that led to the JCPOA in the first place.

Secretary Clinton has also been a strong advocate for foreign aid to Israel. She wants to take our relationship with Israel to “the next level” which will include increased cooperation beyond the new MOU that Israeli MK Yair Lapid has celebrated.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, wants Israel to repay the United States for foreign aid, “I think Israel will do that also, yeah, I think Israel do—there are many countries that can pay and they can pay big league.”

One of Israel’s biggest safeguards is our foreign aid. Israel funded the Iron Dome with our aid, and is able to fend off constant and immediate threats to its people because of it. 

Looking ahead to a more secure Middle East, the two-state solution will need to be achieved. Donald Trump has repeatedly said and still says on his website that, “I want to remain as neutral as possible,” he when negotiating a peace agreement.

He has also placed blame on Israel for failed negotiations, “A lot will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal—whether or not Israel’s willing to sacrifice certain things…they may not be.”

Clinton understands the complexity of the peace process and as Senator recognized the danger of Palestinians teaching hate. She demonstrated as Secretary of State that she knows how to negotiate—even with Hamas—to broker the ceasefire with Israel.

Clinton actively stands against BDS. Trump has said nothing about it at all.

Hillary Clinton knows what Trump has said on Israel and why he would be dangerous:

"He has said that we should be neutral on Israel on Monday. Then on Tuesday he has said that, oh he’s really supportive of Israel. Wednesday he might say Israel should pay back the defense aid it’s received over the years."

There is little question which presidential candidate would be a stronger ally to Israel. From Iran, to foreign aid, to the peace process, to BDS, one candidate would be good for Israel. It’s not Donald Trump. Electing Trump would do more harm than good, and the idea that he is the only one who can secure Israel’s future is offensive.

The U.S.-Israel relationship runs deep: shared values, shared interests, and shared intelligence. Our relationship has endured in spite of policy disagreements. The United States has brokered critical peace agreements between Israel and its neighbors, and it provides aid that bolsters Israel’s security and saves countless lives. But to claim Israel is doomed without a President Trump? That statement is almost as confounding as any Trump has made throughout this campaign season.

Photo courtesy of: Christopher Gregory/Getty Images

Photo courtesy of: Christopher Gregory/Getty Images