Why Are Some of Donald Trump’s ‘Worst’ Tweets Sent on Jewish Holidays?

Donald Trump's Twitter is famously offensive. Looking back at some of his more controversial Tweets, they all strangely coincide with Jewish holidays. Andrew Tobin for JTA writes:

After the shooting death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin in August, Donald Trump tweeted, “Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!”

The previous month, he posted to Twitter a six-pointed star containing the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever” stamped on an image of Hillary Clinton and hundred-dollar bills.

A few weeks before that, the Republican presidential nominee responded to the Orlando nightclub massacre with a tweet saying, “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism.”

These tweets have more in common than just being ill-advised. They were also all blasted into the public discourse on Jewish holidays: Shabbat, Shabbat and Shavuot, respectively. And they suggest to at least one friend of Trump’s family that when the Republican candidate’s Orthodox Jewish daughter Ivanka and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, are off observing the holy days, Trump loses two of his most important filters.

Here are some of Tweets mentioned:

Photo courtesy of: Mark Makela/Getty Images

Photo courtesy of: Mark Makela/Getty Images

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