GOP Frontrunner Uses Inappropriate Nazi Imagery

As we at the NJDC have consistently stated, there is no room for Holocaust rhetoric or Nazi comparisons in our public and political discourse today. This includes apparent attempts by a leading Republican presidential candidate to compare Adolf Hitler to... himself.

Alex Griswold at Mediaite reports:

Donald Trump accidentally tweeted a patriotic image of his face that included Nazi soldiers instead of American ones.

The lead soldier with the camo uniform in the now-deleted tweet is very obviously wearing a Waffen-SS uniform. For those who skipped history class, the SS were basically the worst kind of Nazis there were.


CNN’s MJ Lee reports that the Trump campaign claims “an intern accidentally posted questionable photo” and apologized. Meanwhile Mother Jones managed to track down the original image used in Trump’s tweet, and confirmed that the soldiers are Nazis.

Now that he has launched himself to the front of the pack in the Republican presidential race, Donald Trump must realize that it is completely inappropriate to tie himself to the Nazi party. To show Waffen-SS soldiers marching in front of the White House with Donald Trump's face hovering above them is simply unacceptable. Perhaps RNC chairman Reince Preibus should give his party's frontrunner a phone call to discuss why such imagery is so unsuitable for a leading presidential candidate.