Quiz: Is Trump Your Guy?

We sure don't support presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Given his hateful rhetoric on the campaign trail and his lack of policy knowledge, to many it's a no-brainer. For those not completely sure if they truly belong with the Republican candidate, New York Jewish Week columnist Douglas Bloomfield poses a number of questions:

You want settlement construction on the West Bank to "keep moving forward" without interference or objections from the US government?  Trump's your guy.

You want a Middle East policy that will be "very good for the Palestinians?"  Trump's your guy.

You want a mediator who says, "I'd love to negotiate peace" between Israel and the Palestinians who has said he'd be strictly neutral but is in it "just because – man, would that be a beauty" of a deal?  Trump's your guy.

You want an ally who shifts policy without notice, sometimes in mid-sentence?  Trump's your guy.

You want someone with a large number of "Arab and Muslim partners"  and business investors throughout the Arab world but still wants to ban Muslims from coming here?  Trump's your guy. 

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