Trump Reckless with U.S.-Israel Relationship

In a meeting with Russian officials in the Oval Office last week, President Donald Trump revealed highly classified intelligence. It has been reported today that the intelligence that President Trump compromised came from Israel. In response, Ron Klein, board member of the National Jewish Democratic Council and Jews for Progress chairman, released the following statement:

“For decades, through successive U.S. administrations—both Republican and Democrat—there has been great continuity with strong military cooperation and the highest level of intelligence sharing between the U.S. and Israel. As one of the foundations of our alliance, that partnership is something that both countries get tremendous value, both in terms of multiplying our shared strengths and increasing the individual capabilities of our two countries to address our national security interests and to keep our citizens safe.  It is unprecedented that President Donald Trump so cavalierly released such sensitive information to a country that is being actively investigated for interfering in our presidential election, and that he did so in a way that endangers the intelligence assets of one of our closest allies.

“That President Trump would violate that long-standing trust is reckless and dangerous, and proves once again that his positioning on Israel and the Middle East is wildly unreliable and terrifying for those of us who are strong supporters of the U.S.-Israel relationship.”