The Height of Hypocrisy

On the final day before polls open, the Republican Jewish Coalition has decided to give a full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump. This is after an entire election cycle where they remained almost entirely silent on the presidential race. The RJC did not include Trump’s name in their ads, mailers, or fundraising materials. They barely even tweeted about him. We’re not sure what the motivation is now, but after yesterday’s explosion in the press regarding Trump’s use of anti-Semitic language in his closing ad, this is the height of hypocrisy. Instead of condemning Trump’s ad like most other Jewish organizations, including the ADL, the RJC decided it was time to weigh in and attempt to push this demagogue across the finish line. Shame on you, RJC. This is one candidate that is not deserving of the Jewish vote, and you know it. 

Here is the full letter, as released by Talking Points Memo

[Recipient Name Redacted]

With less than 72 hours to go in the election, I strongly encourage you to vote for ALL Republicans this Tuesday. Your vote counts and electing Donald Trump and Mike Pence will put an end to Hillary Clinton’s history of corruption and progressive agenda from being in the White House. Additionally, your vote for Republicans down ballot will help the GOP maintain its majorities in the House and Senate.

This election is all about Republican turnout. If we have resounding wins on Tuesday night it will be because we stood together and supported the ENTIRE Republican ticket. If we don’t stand together, Hillary Clinton will be our next President and we will lose control of Congress. It’s that simple.

If Republicans lose on Tuesday, America loses. Please join me in voting for all Republicans on Tuesday, November 8th. We will win with a united GOP.


David Flaum

RJC National Chairman