Campaign 2016

Democratic Platform Reflects Progressive, Pro-Israel Commitment

We welcome the most progressive platform in history. On a wide range of issues, from LGBT rights to the death penalty to preventing a nuclear armed Iran and fighting BDS, we strongly support this draft. In particular, we are pleased with the draft language in the Middle East section which reflects Hillary Clinton's well established record of leadership and her steadfast support Israel and the US-Israel relationship.

Still Waiting on Trump's Stand Against Anti-Semitism

Donald Trump still has not fulfilled his obligation to stand up to his followers’ anti-Semitism, according to a recent column in the Forward. Threats to the Jewish reporters and opposition have become a disturbing reality amongst supporters of the presumptive Republican presidential candidate on Twitter and social media. Trump’s refusal thus far to directly address the bigotry only serves to embolden those spewing the hatred, a troubling trend that must stop. Bethany Mandel writes