Jews Love Clinton's Pragmatism

Armin Rosen in a lengthy article in Tablet notes discusses Hillary Clinton, and her outreach to the Jewish community and what her presidency might mean for Mideast policy:

The Clinton campaign’s careful, methodical approach to Jewish outreach is an extension of the rationalized, cautious, and generally competent-seeming nature of the entire enterprise—which, in turn, reflects a confidence that these are the kinds of qualities Americans want from their president. They are overwhelmingly what Jews seem to want—even leading conservative Jews, like the Weekly Standard’s William Kristol and Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, have either refused to back Trump or oppose him wholeheartedly (although neither is likely to be a Clinton voter). “If anything he’s really broadened the Jewish community that will be supporting the Democratic candidate this year,” said [Clinton Jewish outreach coordinator Sarah] Bard of the Republican candidate. Bard noted a “remarkable cohesion and unity from the Jewish community at large in support of Hillary.”

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