Jewish Swing State Voters Could Make the Difference for Clinton

Recent polls show an advantage for Hillary Clinton among Jewish voters in Florida and Pennsylvania, two states that most pundits predict Donald Trump, the GOP's presumptive nominee, must win in order to have a chance at the presidency. The numbers emerge in the aftermath of a tweet from Trump's account this past weekend that depicted Hillary Clinton in front of a pile of money and a six-pointed star, calling her "corrupt." It is the latest in a series of Trump campaign incidents that critics are decrying as anti-Semitic. The Hill reports:

Donald Trump’s stumbles with Jewish voters could cost him in Florida and Pennsylvania, two battleground states where the presumptive GOP nominee needs to win if he’s going to compete with Hillary Clinton in the fall.

Clinton currently holds statistically insignificant leads in both states, where the percentage of Jewish voters is greater than it is in most other parts of the nation.

Clinton is ahead by 3.7 percentage points in Florida, according to the RealClearPolitics average, and leads by 2.3 points in Pennsylvania. Republicans had been hoping to build on Mitt Romney’s better-than-expected 2012 showing among Jewish voters, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic, to reverse their fortunes with an electorate that is more liberal in presidential years.

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