An Amazing Convention

Hillary Clinton and the speakers who supported her showed why she would make an outstanding president and commander-in-chief. I was not elected delegate because too many people in my district voted for Bernie, but I am proud that I ran as a delegate pledged to the first woman to be nominated for president by a major party.

Within the pro-Israel community, we will find out how small the rock-bottom, facts-be-damned Republican base really is. Our GOP friends won't even try to defend Donald Trump. Instead, they will attack Hillary Clinton, running their usual playbook of distortion, guilt by association, and hateful sexism.

The answer to these attacks is simple: Would you rather have Donald Trump? As Hillary said, "a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons." The attacks aren't true, but the alternative to Hillary is unacceptable.

Donald Trump could win this election. The contrast between the hate and small-mindedness of the Republican Convention and the hope and love of the Democratic Convention was sharp and clear. Yet too many people are still voting for Trump. What should we do?

Gershom Gorenberg has this advice for Bernie supporters "who feel that the lesser evil is still evil: The greater evil is still greater. Do not be its enabler."

But what about our friends on the right? The speech by Khizr Khan, a Muslim-American whose son died serving his country in the Army, was moving beyond belief. 

Trump responded by slandering Capt. Humayan Khan's family in a way that was horrifying, even for Trump. Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal said that Trump's smear was despicable, "and if you don't agree, you're despicable." Gary Kasparov said that "Trump is useful as a litmus test for political decency. Anyone still backing him doesn't have any."

If Khan's appeal to basic decency won't sway your undecided friends on the right, Mike Bloomberg's is the speech you should share.

If that doesn't work, and if they won't listen to Daniel Pipes and Mark Salter, stop wasting your time trying to persuade. Instead, talk to everyone who realizes the clear and present danger that Donald Trump poses to America and Israel--and make sure that they vote.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) is a true friend of Israel. Says who? Says Virginia Rabbi Jack Moline. Kaine is backing a bipartisan push to increase missile defense funding for Israel.

Hillary Clinton "strongly condemned" the burning of an Israeli flag. We only have two major political parties. The anti-Israel fringe on the left has nowhere to go but the Democratic Party. The anti-Israel fringe on the right has nowhere to go but the Republican Party. The difference is that in the Democratic Party, bigotry and ignorance is sidelined and condemned when it occurs. In the Republican Party, it is heading the ticket and running a campaign that regularly traffics in anti-Semitic tropes.

Last week, demonstrators protesting against the Democrats outside the Convention center burned an Israeli flag. Yair Rosenberg pointed out that it is "disingenuous to say 'this is today's Democratic party.' These are the people protesting today's Democratic party."

Hillary condemned the flag-burning, calling it a "reckless act that undermines peace and our values."

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) deserves our thanks. Someone needs to say it: Debbie Wasserman Schultz got a raw deal. Is anyone surprised that the DNC would favor an established Democrat over someone who wasn't even a Democrat until last year? The DNC emails revealed no evidence of wrongdoing. Some were insensitive, and the DNC has apologized.

The DNC staffers were wrong to send those emails, but Jeffrey Toobin explains why the DNC emails are not scandalous. Wasserman Schultz has an outstanding record as a member of Congress, a pro-Israel advocate, a fighter for progressive values, a breast cancer survivor, and a role model. Politics isn't fair, and the Sanders delegates apparently had to be placated, but she was treated unfairly by the party to which she has given so much. She deserves better, and she will bounce back--starting on Aug. 30 when she wins her primary.

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