Clinton Is the Pro-Israel Choice

Before moving to Israel and serving in the Israel Defense Forces, Nick Lieber had never voted for a Democrat for federal office. Leiber says that "American Jews who support Trump because they believe Hillary is anti-Israel are doing a great disservice to Israel, to America, and to the Jewish people."

Still not convinced? Watch this powerful new four-minute video featuring grandchildren of Holocaust survivors discussing Donald Trump.

Clinton's civics lesson. Hillary's speech on Thursday condemning Trump's bigotry and racism should be taught in every civics course, and the failure of all 16 GOP candidates running against Trump to give a speech like this should be studied in every political science course. Watch it if you have time, but read it for sure if you don't.

Dismantle the Iran deal? Really? Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said this in response to Donald Trump's promise that he would "dismantle" the deal: "To decide that one of the very first things I'm going to do is precipitate a crisis in the Middle East that leads to potential nuclear proliferation or another war -- it just doesn't seem like a very wise thing to do."

Steve Chapman understands what Trump fails to grasp

The question is no longer whether the deal should have been done. It's whether it should be undone. Whether to enlist in the Army is a different question from whether to go AWOL during boot camp.

What would we lose from renouncing the deal? Just every concession Iran had to make and implement. So far, it has submitted to an outside inspection regime, scrapped 12,000 centrifuges, shipped 98 percent of its nuclear fuel to Russia and wrecked a nuclear reactor. Without the deal, Iran would be free to evict the international monitors and resume the activities it was compelled to stop...

For us to abandon the agreement would mean the Iranians would keep [the funds it obtained in return for its concessions] but be released from their obligations. They'd get to keep the new car without making the payments.

But that's what Trump wants us to do.

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