Growing Numbers in GOP Criticizing Trump


You really do have to wonder what planet anyone still supporting Donald Trump is on. Strong disagreements in previous presidential elections reflected differing but legitimate policy differences. I'm not sure it's possible to reason with anyone who still supports Trump. I've included some recent statements that our right-wing friends might find persuasive, but the best we can probably do is to encourage as many sane people as possible from both parties to vote and hope that there are more of us than them.

This presidential election is not Democrat vs. Republican. It is about the security and values of our country. That's why so many Republicans--many of whom have serious reservations about Hillary Clinton--are opposing Donald Trump. It cannot be easy for them, and we should commend them for their courage and intellectual integrity.

Fifty former GOP national security officials oppose Donald Trump. If your friends won't listen to you, maybe they'll listen to these Republican experts, who explain why Trump is unqualified and "would put at risk our country's national security and well-being." Separately, some of them also said that Trump would be an unreliable and potentially dangerous ally of Israel.

Lifelong Republican Max Boot prefers Clinton over Trump. Boot calls Trump "an ignorant demagogue who traffics in racist and misogynistic slurs and crazy conspiracy theories" and believes that "There has never been a major party nominee in U.S. history as unqualified for the presidency. The risk of Trump winning, however remote, represents the biggest national security threat that the United States faces today."

David Horovitz prefers Clinton over Trump. The founding editor of the Times of Israel has moved to the right in recent years and has not been shy about criticizing (sometimes unfairly, in my view) President Barack Obama. Horovitz wrote last week that "watching from an Israel aghast, President Trump is just unthinkable, while Clinton has started to look invaluable."


Former Congressman Steve Rothman (D-NJ) explains why so many Republicans and independents are finally opposing Trump.

Don't use the Iran Deal as a pro-Israel litmus test. Ron Halber, the executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, said last week what I've preached for the past year:

To continue using the Iran vote as a litmus test for whether a member of Congress is pro-Israel is a shortsighted strategy, especially as more than 90 percent of incumbents typically win reelection and control of the Senate and House invariably alternates. Since the passage of the Iran deal, Congress has consistently supported Israel on a bipartisan basis. 

The Iran Deal remains the best way to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The Los Angeles Times explains that the $400 million dollar payment to Iran reported in January was not ransom; it is just another talking point for those who continue to push for measures that would undermine the deal. 

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