White House Told the Truth About the Iran Deal

The silver lining in The New York Times hit piece by David Samuels on Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes is that it prompted a close examination of the facts. It turns out that the author of the piece previously advocated bombing Iran and opposed the Iran deal. Not only did he malign Rhodes, but he also maligned two highly respected journalists, Jeff Goldberg and Laura Rozen.

Because this piece appeared in The New York Times, it attracted more attention that it would have received had it appeared where it belonged in the right-wing blogosphere. Rhodes and Goldberg responded last week, but you should also read the 10 biggest problems with the hit piece and this analysis from the Brookings Institution's Suzanne Maloney.

If you want more, read these from Joe Cirincione, Mike Grunwald, Richard Nephew, Teresa Welsh, Fred Kaplan, Ron Kampeas, Daniel Drezner and Daniel Nexen.

Jewish groups oppose banning entry to the U.S. based on religion. Nine Jewish organizations support a bill that would invalidate Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslims. Many Jewish groups condemned Trump's proposal in December, but not the Republican Jewish Coalition, which backs Trump

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