Support for Israel Remains Bipartisan

The Senate on November 10 unanimously agreed to a resolution in support of Israel and in condemnation of Palestinian terror attacks.

Thirty-six senators signed a bipartisan letter opposing the European Union's decision to label Israeli products from companies based in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Yair Rosenberg points out many absurdities of the EU's decision, including labeling products from the Golan Heights, which have nothing to do with the Palestinian question and from which Israel cannot withdraw while civil war rages in Syria.

 Last week, the Obama administration reiterated its opposition to boycotts of Israel and that its position on settlements--consistent with decades of U.S. policy--has not changed: "On boycotts, we're against boycotts. On settlements, we're against settlements."

The administration noted the difference between labeling and boycotting and, perhaps as a signal to the EU, that "The E.U. has made clear that [these] measures are not a boycott, and the E.U. has also made very clear that they oppose boycotts against Israel." Distinguishing between labeling and boycotting is not supporting labeling; nowhere did any Obama spokesperson indicate support for the EU's decision.

The Obama administration continues to ensure Israel's qualitative military edge. On November 9, 16 Democratic senators urged President Barack Obama to prioritize a new, strengthened memorandum of understanding (MOU) on security assistance with Israel. 

The very next day, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough told the Jewish Federations of North America that as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has "acknowledged, the security cooperation between our nations is unprecedented. Under President Obama, we've provided more than $20 billion in foreign military financing to Israel. We've invested billions in missile defense systems that have saved countless Israeli lives. Next year, we'll deliver the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, making Israel the first country in the Middle East with this advanced aircraft. And as a result of the major resupply package that the President authorized this year, Israel will be guaranteed some of the most advanced military equipment in the world for years to come."

Regarding the new MOU, McDonough said that "working together, we can ensure that no other nation in the region can challenge Israel's qualitative military edge." McDonough also noted that "Iran has not yet received any additional sanctions relief under this comprehensive deal--and it won't until the IAEA verifies that Iran has completed every single one of the key nuclear steps required."

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