Best News of 2015 Was Deal With Iran

An intense partisan campaign to persuade Congress to block it failed, and Iran is already dismantling its nuclear capabilities. Iran won't receive a dime of sanctions relief under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) until it fully complies with the preconditions.

The JCPOA was the best realistic alternative to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. 

Every Republican in the Senate opposed the deal but only four Democrats opposed it. Every Republican in the House opposed the deal (except for one who voted present) and only 25 out of 187 Democrats opposed it. Claiming that opposition to the deal was bipartisan renders the term  "bipartisan" meaningless. This was a Republican effort, abetted by a misguided segment of the pro-Israel community, to kill our best chance to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. 

In July, some wondered whether there would be enough votes in either chamber to sustain a veto. Opponents of the deal thought that an extra 30 days of review would give them the upper hand. But the more Congress studied the deal and the more critics of the deal misrepresented the facts and tried to intimidate members of Congress, the stronger support for the deal grew, until in September, Senate Republicans couldn't even get a final vote to the floor - -an outcome no one predicted 60 days earlier. 

Of the 28 Jewish members of Congress, 19 supported the Iran deal and nine opposed it. This is the only poll of American Jews on Iran that matters, and the only poll that is verifiably accurate. I am confident that all 28 approached this issue with the seriousness and integrity it deserved, but I am especially proud of those who supported the deal in the face of vicious attacks from a segment of our community.

Yes, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposed the deal. But if opposing the prime minister of Israel is anti-Israel, is opposing the president of the United States anti-American? I hope not. Support for Israel and America means supporting the values and principles that transcend any particular government, not blind obedience to the positions of one particular leader.

Like Homer Simpson, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) hasn't learned a thing. Rubio recently promised to cancel the deal his first day in office and try to reimpose sanctions. He'd know why this won't work and would leave us in a much worse position if he listened to Richard Lugar and J. Bennett Johnston.

If Graham Allison's 9 Reasons to Support the Iran Deal don't convince you, at least read Jeff Goldberg's guide to writing Iran-related hate mail before you reply.

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