Know People Still Not Sure About Hillary Clinton?

If you have doubts about Hillary Clinton, or you're strongly supporting her but figuring ways to convince others to vote for her -- the ones who believe President Barack Obama has been a disappointment if not a failure, who think Clinton is wrong on most issues, and who worry about her judgment -- here are some articles that might be helpful:

Dear Republican Voters, by David Leonardt, himself a Republican. If you have time, click on the video he embeds, which is as eerily true today as when it was filmed.

NeverTrump for Dummies by Bret Stephens. 

And, this one by Nick Lieber, who before moving to Israel and serving in the Israel Defense Forces never voted for a Democrat for federal office. Leiber says that "American Jews who support Trump because they believe Hillary is anti-Israel are doing a great disservice to Israel, to America, and to the Jewish people."

And the emails? Glenn Kessler of Fact Checker has a Q&A laying out what's known and not known about the recent FBI announcement. Greg Sargent explains the source of the confusion and what we need to know.

Newsweek reported that "there is no indication the emails in question were withheld by Clinton during the investigation...nor does the discovery suggest she did anything illegal. Also, none of the emails were to or from Clinton." 

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