Sheffey: Don't Heckle Pro-Israel Administration Spokesmen

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, an Orthodox Jew, was heckled by right-wingers at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York. Israeli Minister Yuval Steinitz said the "felt embarrassed" by the heckling "because Jacob Lew is a true friend of Israel." Natan Sharansky also defended Lew.

Read Lew's remarks. Is there anything you would have booed? Almost every paragraph demands applause from those motivated by love of Israel rather than baseless hatred of President Obama.

Also read Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken's June 8 remarks at the AJC Global Forum. Blinken said that "no administration and no President has done as much for Israel's security as President Obama," and he backed up his statement with facts that should convince even the most skeptical.

Some of our friends who oppose a deal with Iran act as if they'd rather not hear the answers to their questions. Don't be one of those people. Read Lew's and Blinken's remarks carefully, and if you still oppose a deal, at least you'll know what you're talking about.

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