Sheffey: Is This Really What the Republican Jewish Coalition Thinks?

The Republican Jewish Coalition is having a "California Summer Gala" in June. Like most organizations these days, RJC provides different levels of giving. But check out the hierarchy: If you give $3,600, you're at the Teddy Roosevelt level. TR was a good progressive who could never win a Republican primary today. 

But if you give $5,400, you're at the George W. Bush level. In the RJC's eyes, it's more prestigious to be associated with one of the worst presidents in history (violating security agreements with Israel, economic collapse, 9/11, Iraq war, North Korea going nuclear, cutting loan guarantees to Israel) than with Teddy Roosevelt. 

Next, at $10,000 (the group kind of forgot about the multiple of 18 theme), comes Abraham Lincoln. No way he'd win a Republican primary today (those rumors about President Obama invading Texas--Lincoln did invade Texas). 

Finally, for $18,000, you can be at the--you guessed it--Ronald Reagan level. They rank Reagan above Lincoln and wonder why so few Jews vote Republican. If President Obama treated Israel the way Reagan did, he'd be impeached.

But in fairness to the RJC, TR and Lincoln are the only good Republican presidents in history, and they would be considered Republicans in name only today. Who else could they have chosen? Nixon? Ford? Hoover? Harding? Republicans just aren't that good at presidenting.

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