Sheffey: Congress Won't Block an Iran Deal

Last week, the Senate passed the Corker-Menendez Iran Nuclear Agreement Act 98-1. None of the Republican poison pill amendments made it into the final bill, which had been amended in committee to remove the provisions to which the White House objected. The bottom line is that any deal the administration negotiates with Iran will be approved as long as the president has the support of one-third of the House or Senate. The bill now moves to the House. This legislation is unnecessary and is at best a face-saving measure for those in Congress who want to tell their constituents they did something, but at least it does no harm.

Thanks to Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), who garnered 151 signatures on her letter from House members to President Obama, we now know that the president has sufficient support in the House to protect a deal with Iran. 

Rep. Schakowsky told the Washington Post that "If there is a vote in the Congress to disapprove of the final agreement, and it is an agreement that reflects the framework, then I think we have enough votes in the Congress to sustain a veto." Some members who did not sign the letter probably also would be willing to vote to sustain a veto if necessary.

The hard-line extremists in Congress lost. Whether we will have a deal now depends on whether the hard-liners in Iran lose.

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