SCOTUS Stands with 83% of U.S. Jews - Affirms Marriage Equality for All

Today marks a historic victory for marriage equality and we at NJDC greatly celebrate this Supreme Court decision. In a 5-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down federal bans to same-sex marriage, confirming that the 14th Amendment requires states to license and recognize marriage between two people of the same sex. We rejoice in this historic day, and reflect on the significant place human rights has in our Jewish values.

It is a vital, active imperative for the Jewish people to be on the front lines of issues protecting and promoting the rights of any group being treated unfairly. The fight for marriage equality is a symbolic manifestation of the Jewish value of seeking justice for the vulnerable. A survey by the Public Religion Research Institute last year showed that an overwhelming majority of Jewish Americans - 83 percent - support marriage equality, more than any other religious group.

Today, the Supreme Court has ruled to affirm equal justice under law, and for this we could not be any more elated that this day has arrived.