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4/3 Shabbat Reading

Aaron Keyak — April 3, 2009 – 2:25 pm | Barack Obama | Democrats | Domestic Policy | Education | Foreign Policy | Israel Comments (0) Add a comment

Here are some interesting articles from the past week. These links are designed to be printed out and enjoyed over a restful Shabbat. Feel free to join the conversation by following and contributing at #shabbatreading every Friday on Twitter.

New Yorker: “Syria Calling: The Obama Administration’s chance to engage in a Middle East peace.”

Dissent: “The Godfather Doctrine and American Foreign Policy”

TNR: “Why the Democrats Can’t Govern: Look who’s killing Obama’s agenda now”

Synagogue Studies Institute: “How Spiritual Are America’s Jews? Narrowing the Spirituality Gap Between Jews and Other Americans”

Vanity: “The Inheritance”

New York: “My Manhattan Project: How I helped build the bomb that blew up Wall Street”


Bit of Torah: “No One Is Above Taking Out The Garbage”

Shabbat Shalom!


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