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Santorum Would “Absolutely” Vote for Extremist Ron Paul **UPDATED: Huntsman Too**

NJDC — December 29, 2011 – 12:24 am | Election 2012 | Foreign Policy | GOP Presidential Candidates 2012 | Israel | Ron Paul Comments (0) Add a comment

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum today became the latest rising presidential candidate in the Iowa polls to say he would vote for anti-Israel presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) if he became the GOP’s nominee. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney made the same statement earlier today.

While Santorum was being interviewed by CNN, when asked if he would vote for Paul despite Paul’s atrocious foreign policy record and anti-Israel views, Santorum responded “absolutely” without hesitating.

Echoing the suggestion by Mitt Romney that perhaps somehow a President Ron Paul could be suddenly swayed from his extremist, isolationist and anti-Israel views, Santorum explained, “I also hope that enough pressure can be brought to bear on him if he becomes president that he won’t make these horrific decisions.” Despite CNN’s Wolf Blitzer peppering Santorum with examples of how President Barack Obama’s actions have differed diametrically from the course Paul would take—killing Osama Bin Laden, using drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan, etc.—Santorum nonetheless asserted, “I don’t think [Paul] will be markedly different than Barack Obama.”

Click here to watch Santorum indicate that he would vote for a truly anti-Israel candidate in the general election despite his anti-Israel record.


** Update December 30, 2011 **

Late in the day on Thursday, December 29th, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman became the third GOP presidential candidate to pledge to vote for Rep. Ron Paul if he becomes the GOP nominee. Speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during the 5:00 pm (ET) hour, Huntsman said “if Ron Paul can get to the finish line, I’d be happy to support him”—before asserting his belief and hope that Paul is unelectable.



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