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Some of Wednesday’s Questionable Right-Wing Statements and Decisions

Jason Attermann — October 20, 2010 – 4:08 pm | Civil Liberties | Civil Rights | Election 2010 | Health Care | Republicans Comments (0) Add a comment

Below are some of Wednesday’s questionable right-wing statements and decisions:

  • Representative Paul Broun (R-GA) attacked health care reform by arguing “It’s gonna kill people by denying care,” a point reminiscent of the “Death Panel” myth.
  • Virginia Republicans called for the resignation of local party Chairman David Bartholomew (R-VA) for allegedly emailing a racist joke. Bartholomew subsequently resigned.
  • When asked for a Supreme Court case that he disagreed with from the last 10 to 15 years, New Jersey House candidate Jon Runyan (R-NJ) listed the Dred Scott case. Dred Scott v. Sanford was decided in 1857 and dealt with slavery. TPM reported that after laughter from the audience, Runyan “was unable to give an answer.”
  • Latinos for Reform released an anti-Democrat TV ad that urged Latino Nevadans not to vote. Univision, a major Spanish language network, has rightly opted not to run the ad because it runs counter to its goal of promoting “civic engagement.”
  • A Tea Party-sponsored anti-voter fraud group in Texas allegedly intimidated voters and election workers at an early voting location. The Department of Justice is investigating.


Also, be sure to check out the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) report on certain elements of the Tea Party and their ties to “racist hate groups.”

And, check out TPM’s review of the Republican Party’s “Young Guns.”


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