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NJDC Supporters Receive Ambassadorships

David Streeter — January 7, 2010 – 1:28 pm | Democrats | Foreign Policy Comments (0) Add a comment

Two close friends and supporters of the National Jewish Democratic Council have been confirmed as US Ambassadors to Europe.

  • Alan Solomont, of Boston, MA, was confirmed to be the US Ambassador to Spain and Andorra in January 2010. Until shortly before his nomination, Ambassador Solomont was a long-time member of NJDC’s Board of Directors and a key NJDC leader and supporter.
  • Barry B. White, also of Boston, MA, was confirmed to be the US Ambassador to Norway in November 2009. Ambassador White has previously been a strong NJDC supporter, co-chairing NJDC events in Boston honoring Cam Kerry and featuring Senator John Kerry (D-MA).


NJDC wishes both of our friends a hearty Mazel Tov for this tremendous honor!



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