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Correction: NJDC Condemns *Actions of* Hoboken Zoning Board Member Nancy Pincus for Nazi Graphic

NJDC — November 17, 2010 – 1:49 pm | Abusive Holocaust Rhetoric | Democrats Comments (0) Add a comment

The National Jewish Democratic Council condemns the actions of Hoboken, NJ Zoning Board Member Nancy Pincus (D-NJ) for her graphic that compares Hoboken City Councilmember Beth Mason (D-NJ) to the Nazis.

Sadly, this is another example of an office holder invoking the Holocaust to attack their political opponent. While the vast majority of such examples have stemmed from today’s conservative movement and from Republican candidates, elected officials and activists, it is always wrong to engage in such rhetoric. As we have said repeatedly, comparing elected officials to the Nazis, whether perpetrated by a Republican or a Democrat, elected official or activist, is never acceptable.

The graphic can be viewed here.

Particularly striking though, is that Pincus does not seem to understand the significance of her actions. The Hoboken Patch reported:

Pincus, in a phone interview on Tuesday morning, said that the anger ... expressed on Monday night wasn’t sincere, but merely politics.

‘I know there’s a political operation underway to get me off the Zoning Board,’ said Pincus, whose term is up in 2013.

The Hoboken Patch also reported that Pincus appears to not consider Nazi comparisons offensive:

‘It’s satire,’ said Pincus. ‘The only people who are offended, are those who want to be offended.’

Pincus’ graphic is not mere satire, and such comparisons are always wrong. Period.

UPDATE: To her credit, Pincus has rightly apologized to the Anti-Defamation League for her actions. We appreciate the remorse that she has expressed over her actions.  


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